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Impressive service and a great staff. Very sincere and down to earth.I like that. A very comfortable experience.
Thank you, Attorney Victor
Gerard C 
Gerard C
27 November 2017
Atty Lewis S Victor and Ron were the GREATEST. GOD sent me to their office in a time of desperate need after the death of my husband.  Mr. Victor was knowledgeable in the laws and actions related to my situations. He gave me peace of mind, as he untangled my husband's Estate to final resolution. I will highly recommend this firm. Thank you so very much.
Deborah M F
04 October 2017
Brockton, MA [Brockton]
Excellent!!, Professional attorney who provided me with honest answers to my issues. Kept me informed every step of the way. The integrity, knowledge, and legal experience is outstanding. I will refer others to retain this outstanding firm.
256K House Seller
11 August 2017

Hi I used their services and they are excellent. I have benefited from their services on several occasions, a good example is closing for my properties. They appeared on my behalf during closing and I didn't had to change my family vacation abroad during closing, which happened or occurred while I was away. High level of professionalism at a good price. I plan to work with them on my next project.


10 August 2017

"The victors did a great job with our real estate closing. They provided top notch egal counsel. As always, they were reliable and trustworthy. I would absolutely refer friends and family to them."

Eric and Lianne
18 May 2017
Very helpful
Steve C
Steve C
13 May 2017
Sharon, MA
The Victors are the best! They are reliable and always provide not notch legal counsel. I would highly recommend them.
400K House Buyer - Did not close
15 November 2016

I used to be a social butterfly, strong as an ox. Now I can barely walk across a room or hold my son. I applied for Mass Rehab but was denied as I have no source of income. Attorney Victor, Laura K. and the staff compiled and analyzed my records, wrote a compelling brief to submit to the judge and successfully won my application for benefits. They helped me move forward with my life

21 July 2015

Mary I can't thank you enough for all your help! You were on top of everything and the closing went smoothly. Thanks for all your help. I will be calling soon when I buy the house, wouldn't want anyone else by my side.

30 December 2014

Mary, just want to say thank you for making this sale easy for me. Your prompt responses built my confidence immeasurably.

17 December 2014

I had a stroke and can not use my right side. I was initially denied SSDI. Attorney Victors office pored through my medical records and the Disability Evaluation Unit's initial review and discovered the reason I was denied. A small note in my record said my gait and station were normal, so I was denied as they decided I had falsely stated my health problems. They spoke with the Request for Reconsideration worker and pointed out that I am confined to a wheelchair and it was an obvious entry error in my notes. I was approved at the Reconsideration level 3 weeks later.

15 December 2014

Thank you so much for putting the HUD settlement statement together at the last moment of us signing papers. Without you we wouldn't be in our home until much later. Thank you Mary so much for your time and effort

09 November 2014

Thanks a lot to all at Victor & Goldman for all your help. If I, or anyone I know needs legal help you guys would definitely get the business. Thanks again

Jason A.
14 April 2014

As a first time home buyer, with little support from my realtor, Attorney Lewis S. Victor assisted with all the necessary information. Lewis explained all legal information to me, making sure I had a full understanding of everything. He also encouraged any questions that I may have had about the entire home buying process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is planning on buying a home.

08 May 2010